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Wikipedia : This day ( December 28, 1940), in  Richmond, Virginia, is born Lonnie Liston Smith, Jr., an American jazz, soul, and funk musician who played with important free jazz artists such as Pharoah Sanders and Miles Davis before forming Lonnie Liston Smith And The Cosmic Echoes,

Lonnie Liston Smith | Official Web Site : Pharaoh who had worked with John Coltrane until his death in 1967, was (and still is), an intense creator who was extending the boundaries of improvised music. Lonnie and Pharaoh created spontaneously at every moment. Lonnie, also began to experiment with electric keyboards and created a rich Cosmic sound to support Pharaoh’s impassioned tenor saxophone flights.

Lonnie Liston Smith @allmusic : When Lonnie Liston Smith made the transition from sideman to leader in 1973, it was the beginning of a fusion/crossover/post-bop band he dubbed Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes.

Lonnie Liston Smith @last.fm : The post-bop of model explorers like Coltrane, Sanders, Kirk, Yusef Lateef, McCoy Tyner, and Charles Lloyd was a heavy influence on Smith’s composing since all of those artists shared the Cosmic Echoes’ spiritual concerns. But the Cosmic Echoes were hardly jazz purists. Their instrumental fusion combined those post-bop influences with funk, pop, and rock, and some of their best-known vocal numbers (which include 1979’s “Space Princess” and 1983’s “Never Too Late”) were outright R&B.

Lonnie Liston Smith @Discogs : He is renowned for defying genres, blending atmospheric fusion, soul and funk and is often quoted as a strong influence on acid jazz. He is still writing and touring.


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