Bill Frisell – Big Sur

Released in June 2013, ‘Big Sur‘ is an album by American guitarist Bill Frisell. It The album features an hour of original music that reference the coastal-mountain area of Big Sur in California.


Track listing1.Music of Glen Deven Ranch (Bill Frisell) – 3:462.Sing Together Like a Family (Bill Frisell) – 4:223.Good Spot (Bill Frisell) – 0:534.Going to California (Bill Frisell) – 3:175.Big One (Bill Frisell) – 2:446.Somewhere (Bill Frisell) – 1:327.Gather Good Things (Bill Frisell) – 5:328.Cry Alone (Bill Frisell) – 3:169.Animals (Bill Frisell) – 1:4010.Highway 1 (Bill Frisell) – 4:5111.Beautiful View (Bill Frisell) – 4:0512.Hawks (Bill Frisell) – 4:4013.We All Love Neil Young (Bill Frisell) – 1:3814.Big Sur (Bill Frisell) – 3:0615.On the Lookout (Bill Frisell) – 2:0216.Shacked Up (Bill Frisell) – 4:1217.Walking Stick (for Jim Cox) (Bill Frisell) – 4:1118.Song for Lana Weeks (Bill Frisell) – 4:1419.Far Away (Bill Frisell) – 4:36PersonnelBill Frisell – guitarJenny Scheinman – violinEyvind Kang – violaHank Roberts – celloRudy Royston – drumsProduced by Lee Townsend Adam Muñoz – Recording and Mixing EngineerGreg Calbi – Mastering EngineerPaul Moore – Art DesignMonica Frisell – PhotographyRecorded and Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Ca, Mastered at Sterling Sound, New YorkReleased by Sony Classical’s OKeh label in June 2013.
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Big Sur is a region in California, one of it’s most beautiful, with almost 90 miles of scenic coastline from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara. The album features an hour of original music, with 19 compositions that reference the coastal-mountain area.

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