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From 'Caravan' to 'Midnight At The Oasis' , we have mixed 15 'Jazz, Latin and Arabic [...]

Steve Vai  – Flex-Able

Steve Vai – Flex-Able

Released in January 1984, "Flex-Able" is the first Steve Vai"s album as a solo artist. It is [...]

Sonny Rollins  – Alfie

Sonny Rollins – Alfie

Recorded on January 26, 1966, "Alfie" is an album by Sonny Rollins of music from the British [...]

Pat Metheny – Orchestrion

Pat Metheny – Orchestrion

Released on January 26, 2010, "Orchestrion" is a studio album by Pat Metheny, whose orchestrionic instruments include [...]

Anita Baker  – Enraptured

Anita Baker – Enraptured

This day (January 26, 1958), in Toledo, Ohio, is born Anita Baker,an American R&B/soul jazz singer. [...]